Source of Income

OUR NEEDS FOUNDATION shall derive its income from the following sources

·        fund raising / donations

·        sponsors contribution

·        gift, request, grants etc


Monitoring and evaluation

The project will be monitored and evaluated through weekly inspection of beneficiaries’ attendance, yearly reports that will be prepared by teachers on the beneficiaries’ academic performance and holding monthly meetings to assess beneficiaries in school. Beneficiaries will also be motivated base on good performance in schools with bicycles and sandals and also organizing of programmes to discover areas of success and areas of failure to improve on the areas of failure.


Control of Finance

The executive director, deputy executive director and project coordinator shall be the sole signatory to all cheques and carry-out financial transactions on behalf of the foundation.


Auditing of Account

OUR NEEDS FOUNDATION shall subject its quarterly financial statement to its internal auditors whilst external auditors shall be auditing the account annually in orders or request from the donors.



International commercial bank and Ghana commercial bank shall be the bankers for the foundation.

Account name: Our Needs Foundation
Bank name: International Commercial Bank ( Dansoman branch, Ghana)
Account Number: 60200209706
Swift code: INCEGHAC


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